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Best Small Businesses to Start in Toronto in 2023

Toronto is the most populous Canadian city and is considered one of the most important cities in Canada. It is famous as one of Canada’s most popular multicultural cities.

Being a multicultural city, it is a paradise for almost all types of businesses. Not only this but also Toronto is home to some of the largest Canadian companies such as Toronto-Dominion Bank, Royal Bank of Canada, George Weston Limited (food processing and distribution company), Rogers Communications, and many others.

When it comes to starting a new business in Toronto, this city is considered one of the easiest places to establish a new business in the world. Most businesses can be started by following a one-step procedure through Enterprise Toronto.

So, what are the best small businesses to start in Toronto in 2023? What are the most profitable small businesses that could pay off your hard work? Let’s find out below.

Best Small Businesses to Start in Toronto in 2023

Pet-related Businesses

There is a wide range of pet-oriented businesses that you can easily start not only in Toronto but anywhere in Canada. The beauty of most pet-related businesses is that they can be started right from your home and once the business starts to get noticed, it could be expanded.

Nowadays, a lot of people around Canada get pets and consider them a part of their families. Especially, dogs and cats have become very popular pets and you get to see at least one of them every second home. Along with that, parrots, hamsters, fishes, and reptiles have also become popular pets.

When it comes to pet-related businesses in Toronto, you can choose from a variety of services such as pet breeding, pet grooming, pet daycare centers, pet walking, and even online pet supply stores. You may need to show your expertise to the authorities in order to start the breeding or grooming services.

Immigration Consultant

Immigration consultancy is yet another business that could be started at a low cost because all you need is experience in immigration matters. Canada is considered the land of opportunities and every year thousands of selected skilled professionals move to Canada permanently.

If you are in Toronto and have the necessary experience, you can easily start this business but must be registered with the concerned authorities. Ideally, you could become one of the best competitive consultants if you have migrated from some other country to Canada on your own by fulfilling all the requirements of Canadian immigration.

Property and Real Estate Management

In metropolitan cities like Toronto, landlords, and real estate owners are always looking for professional property managers or management companies to help them sell or rent their properties. An expert and responsible property manager acts as a bridge between the property buyer and seller or the property renter and tenant, whatever is the case.

To start a property management business in Toronto, you need to be an expert in legal matters, and customer handling and have enough experience in dealing with problematic tenants. We have witnessed a lot of small property management professionals transformed into corporate companies.

Handyman Business

From an electrician to a house painter and an air conditioner repairer to a CCTV installer, every household needs the services of a handyman and it could be any time of the year. The handyman services are not limited to the said services and you may include a lot of similar services such as electronic appliance repair, laptop and desktop repair, home cleaning, and much more.

While in Toronto, you can either start one of these services or multiple services. If you and your friends have expertise in different fields, you could register a company and start providing multiple services under one roof.

For the best results, develop a responsive and mobile-friendly website from a web development company, optimize the website to get good traffic from Google, and run paid campaigns on social media to get noticed and generate leads.

E-Commerce Business

E-commerce is the future. In Canada and especially in Toronto, the e-commerce industry is on the rise and most businesses consider shifting their physical outlets to e-commerce websites. You can easily start an online business from home in Toronto. It could be a single-product store or you could choose multiple products to sell through your online store.

To choose a product to sell, you need to be a smart thinker because it is the most important phase to start an online business. If you know how to develop an e-commerce site, you can also help other businesses go online and can make a handsome amount of money.

Suppose you don’t have a technical background and can’t develop an e-commerce website by yourself. In that case, you can get the services of a professional web development company to get your website developed.

Wrapping it up:

So, these were among the 5 profitable and easy-to-start businesses that you can consider starting in Toronto. All you need to do is make an effective plan, register your business, make an online appearance of the business, and promote it to the newest markets to grab more and more customers.

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